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visitors since April 2008

We are a professional global consulting and onsite training firm specializing in the oil, gas, petrochemical, and heavy construction industries. Our highly-qualified consultants have been hand-picked for their experience and expertise, with a majority referred to us via word-of-mouth. Most consultants are available on contract or permanent-placement basis.

What does this mean for you, our client?

Our expert consultants have the qualifications and broad industry experience to do all jobs effectively. They have stood up well under the scrutiny of their peers and proven themselves to be trustworthy and efficient consultants. Overseas Contract Consultants stands behind our commitment to our clients to provide the best consultants who will stay committed for the duration of every job, whether they are needed long- or short-term.

Why are the best consultants satisfied to stay working for us rather than hopping from one consulting firm to another?

Our attractive remuneration structure, educational incentives, and bonus systems enable us to retain our top-quality consultants. We strive to ensure that our consultants are always paid fairly, on time and are well taken care of. We are not an oversized, overextended firm only looking to make a quick profit. We know that in the end, treating our consulants well enhances our ability to offer the best consulting services in the industry.

What do we do to take care of our customers?

We are committed to complete client satisfaction in order to keep our customer base pleased and coming back for more. We want to be your consultant and training provider for the long-haul. We answer all of your e-mails, calls, and inquiries in a timely fashion. We will give you the results you desire and the commitment you deserve from your consulting firm.

Can your consultants travel to remote desert, highland, or danger areas?

Yes, they can.*

We have close, personal contacts with major security and global threat information firms that are currently working in and around the world’s danger  zones. When requested, they can provide us with the same up-to-date intelligence which is used for close protection (CP) of dignitaries government officials throughout the world.

No matter where you are or want to be, we will be there.

*Please note that we never send our consultants or trainers into danger areas unless they are aware of and accept the potiential risks prior to mobilization. All consultants sent into areas such as Afghanistan, Colombia, or Iraq have had prior military, combat, or international police deployments.

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